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Every Love Story Is Beautiful

Unique Way to Announce Your Wedding

Posted by on 02:58 AM in Save-The-Date | 0 comments

Do you want to announce your upcoming wedding in a spectacular way? A wedding invitation with perfect touch of creativity will grab your guests’ attention arousing their keen interest in the message passed.

Introducing “Save-the-Date animation”; we transform you into cartoon character as a way of adding glamor and color to your announcement with the chief aim of captivating your guests while increasing their excitement towards attending the occasion.

The unique feature of this animation is the ease at which we can customize the character design based on your facial appearance.  Other details on the animation also includes – not limited- to, the couple’s name, wedding date, location and a notice for a formal invitation to follow. You can also share your wedding website (if you have one).

Check out these amazing wedding save-the-dates, and get inspired by one of these fun ideas:


Theme #SWEET

USD89, order now



USD89, order now



USD89, order now


Share your proposal story

You can even share your love story with the custom made Save-the-Date. From the first time you met that special someone to the precious moment when she finally said, “I do”. Make your Save-the-Date a wonderful representation of your love adventure!

USD200 for a custom made Save-the-Date (up to 1 minute animation), order now


Impress Your Guests!

Once you get your awesome save-the-date, it’s time to post it on social media (Facebook/Instagram) or send via Whatsapp/ Wechat.

It’s best to start announcing your wedding around 6-8 months prior to the ceremony (even earlier for a faraway destination or holiday weekend) This gives wedding guests enough time to schedule their travel or ask for days off from work.


Book now before counting down

You can never get it wrong when you choose any of the numerous save-the-dates collection, this will guarantee make your guests have your special day in mind and they will also excited to be at your wedding.

Book now and get your amazing save-the-date for the 100 days wedding countdown! Make it fun, innovative and memorable, and we’re sure your guests response will be awesome.

Wedding Animation – The New Way to Share Your Story

Posted by on 02:40 AM in Wedding Animation | 40 comments

Weddings are beautiful occasions. While it is a significant day in the couple’s life, it also is a day of happiness for friends and family from both sides.

Lots of efforts are invested from both sides over the months that lead to the big day. The day must be perfect, especially for the bride. From the dress to the cake, each element must fall perfectly in place to make the day a memorable one.

The wedding day is not just the first day of the couple’s life together but it is also the celebration of their individual lives and how they met. For this purpose, friends and family often combine efforts to create a slideshow of memories. This may contain photographs and videos of the couple growing up and eventually meeting each other.

However, this method has been in use for years. While the tradition in itself is timeless, the manner of it has become quite old and a bit clichéd. One thing you don’t want your wedding to become is clichéd. With changing times, wedding ceremonies are now celebrated with updated trends. One of the newest trends is wedding animation.

What is Wedding Animation?

Wedding animation is a unique twist on the tradition of storytelling at weddings. Instead of making slideshows from pictures and videos, the couple and their story can be presented in a cool animated format. It is both fun and cute to share the couple’s journey until the wedding day. It can also be presented as a unique wedding gift.


Why Choose Wedding Animation?

Here is why you should have a wedding animation video featured at your wedding:

  • Uniqueness

    A wedding animation video will add an element of uniqueness to your special day. It is a refreshing take on an old tradition. A wedding animation video will allow you share your story like never before.

  • Share Happiness

    It is fun and you are bound to make people smile and laugh with this video. With cute animated versions of you on the screen, your friends and family will definitely have a hard time forgetting this part of the day.

  • Vibrant

    While original pictures and videos have their own aesthetic, animation can be much more vibrant. You can ask the professional to add a range of colors that fit with your story.

  • Freedom

    With a wedding animation video, you have more freedom about how you want to tell your story. You can add little touches to the scenery, backgrounds and the characters that may not have been possible with a simple slideshow.

Frigg Animation

At Frigg Animation, our experts will help share your story through quality animated videos. You can work with a professional to customize the video just the way you want it. We can also help friends and family of the couple to create a video as a wedding gift.

We ensure that your ideas can be transformed into a high definition video. You bring your ideas and we will add our creativity and passion for making a memorable animated version the couple’s story.